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Be Amazed at Bamboo Socks - Not Just for Pandas

When you consider it, bamboo is a very logical choice of fibre for many items of clothing. As well as having excellent strength, shape stability, washability, colourfastness, shrink fastness and being exceptionally comfortable against the skin, bamboo fibre also boasts the following:

  • Naturally bacteria inhibiting
  • Particularly absorbent and breathable
  • Grown and manufactured without the use of harsh insecticides, serious pollutants or land degradation.

It is only in relatively recent times that the technology was developed to separate and utilise bamboo fibre for textiles.

Thousands of years ago China introduced silk to the world – made from the thread of the silkworm. This was a mighty development and to this day silk is still one of the highest quality fabrics available.

Now China, with technological input from the West, has again shown the world a new kind of fabric which is equally fantastic and revolutionary – Bamboo Textiles.

Bamboo has now been tested in Australia under western conditions and lifestyles. The results were very successful and we have selected the most needed items from the range which is now being developed and distributed in Australia commercially.

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Beginning with extra-thick work socks (BAM-X079), customers liked them so much and were back to buy more so quickly that an expected six month’s supply ran out in about two months. Now, many Australians who have come to know the product and bamboo has established a high quality name in the marketplace.

Follow the silk road on to bamboo textile designed clothing.

Some of our Bamboo Sock Range:

Bamboo Extra Thick Socks (BAM-X079) are 92% Bamboo / 8% Elastane.

High bamboo content, and can last up to 1 week without washing and without smelling.

Bamboo Extra Thick Socks, Fast Drying (BAM-X079F) are 46% Bamboo / 46% Coolplus / 8% Elastane.

Lower bamboo content, but can last up to 1 to 2 days without washing and without smelling.

Want to know more about bamboo’s anti-bacterial properties?

Look at how the bacteria is eliminated.

No more smelly feet – ever.

No more unpleasant body odour.

Botanically categorized as a grass, bamboo is also one of the world’s most sustainable “wood” resources. It is the worlds fastest growing woody grass and can grow up to nearly a metre a day under ideal conditions. Unlike trees, all bamboo has the potential to grow to full size in a single growing season of about 4 months. It does not require replanting after harvesting due to its vast root/rhizome network which continually sprouts new shoots, pulling in sunlight and greenhouse gases and converting them to new green growth, without the need for chemicals.

Bamboo has been grown for millennia in Asia without the use of pesticides. It is rarely attacked by any pests and is not susceptible to diseases. Japanese scientists have found the reason for this is a unique anti-bacterial agent found in bamboo named “bamboo kun”. This substance, combined with the tight molecular structure of bamboo fibres, is believed to give it its anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties which is not diminished after even more than 50 washes! It is also quite different from chemical additives which can often cause skin irritations and other problems.

Anti-bacterial Testing conducted by CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Centre)
Anti- bacteria test FZ/T 01021-92 conducted July 2003.

Test Fabric    Bacteria Introduced     24 hrs later bacteria count              Performance

Bamboo       8.6 X 10,000(= 86,000)     0.2 X 100 (= 20)                                = 99.8% elimination

Cotton          2 X 100,000 (= 200,000)   1.1 X 100,000,000 (= 110,000,000)    = 55,000% increase

Similar scientific tests have been performed by various international textile testing laboratories. These can easily be accessed in numerous websites. In bamboo fabric, bacteria numbers were reduced to less than 0.2% whereas in cotton fabric, bacteria numbers increased to 550 times the original. (

These bacteria are what cause body or foot odour.

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